innovative agribusiness collaboration roadmap

27th May, 2019

A pathway to facilitate commercial collaborations for agribusinesses. It aims to encourage growth and development of agribusinesses in the G21 region. It shows steps to identify, develop and implement commercial collaborative projects.

Project Aims

  • Identify and map G21 agribusiness value chains
  • Identify 16 potential collaborative projects
  • Select 8 projects for further scoping
  • Implement 3 commercial collaborative projects

Next Steps

The roadmap project is both a demonstration and a ‘how to’ guide to help initiate and facilitate collaborative opportunities that might otherwise be missed.  It is proposed that ongoing support be provided by establishing a structure or organisation to support projects in the region.  It is important to note that once projects have been developed, they must be allowed to have an independent life of their own, be commercially driven and unencumbered by the need to publicly share outcomes or report to non-commercially involved members and stakeholders.

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