colac waste to energy biogrid

13th May, 2019

The Colac Waste to Energy Biogrid (WEB) will convert waste resources from neighbouring manufacturers into renewable energy for use by those manufacturers. The energy generated as heat will be shared between the businesses by transferring hot water in insulated pipes. It will also help to meet on-site electricity needs and could be sold back into the electricity grid.

Project Aims

  • Generate integrated, distributed and dispatchable renewable energy through a new form of industrial micro-grid, including a hot water network.
  • Generate economic growth via enhanced energy productivity, allowing export businesses to grow with reduced grid demand.
  • Accelerate renewable energy adoption across multiple industry sectors by facilitating collective rather than individual action.
  • Demonstrate that the WEB model can be replicated where there is a cluster of manufacturers and a local water authority able to fulfil the role of trusted enabler
  • Increase skills, capacity and knowledge about waste-to-energy opportunities across multiple industry sectors.

Next Steps

The project is seeking a commitment from government towards the capital expenditure.

More Information