camperdown compost – innovation hotspot

27th May, 2019

Camperdown Compost has engaged customers by matching its business model to fit the needs of farmers and provide them with direct value by composting farm waste.  A regional business that specialises in making compost, Camperdown began making compost on farms, tailoring the compost mix to individual farm conditions.  More recently, it has further enhanced the value offering through a partnership with local dairy farmers, Warrnambool Butter and Cheese, and Coles Supermarkets, to produce an environmentally-friendly milk brand.

Project Aims

  • Develop a profitable agribusiness and use technology and customer engagement to create products that are fit-for-purpose and enhanced by supply chain partnerships.
  • Deliver value to farmers by composting their waste – most recently on their own farm, with compost recipes tailored to the particular farm conditions.
  • Contribute positively to environmental management.

Next Steps

Camperdown Compost has significant growth plans, including expanding the number of farms it services and taking in all of Geelong’s green waste. The company also has plans to grow Green Pastures milk production and extend composting to improve soil production across a wider range of agricultural activities and soil types.

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