brown magpie wines – innovation hotspot

27th May, 2019

Setting out with a clear aim, a commitment to learning and a sound business model has created a distinctive local business with a strong brand, quality product and loyal customer base.  A single vineyard and winery in Modewarre, Brown Magpie Wines have built and adapted knowledge for two decades to hone its production of premium grapes and estate produced wine to sell to local premium markets.

Project Aims

  • Establish a clear business model to underpin all activities: premium grapes, estate produced wine and sale to local/premium markets.
  • Commit to ongoing learning in relevant fields including viticulture, wine-making, property management and business development.
  • Build a sustainable business that can adapt to change and grow local markets.

Next Steps

Brown Magpie Wines will continue to direct a consistent effort to product development, strategic partnerships, marketing and sales to support its aim to produce quality wines with sound knowledge and business principles.

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