australian omega oils – innovation hotspot

27th May, 2019

Through a synergistic collaboration, Mantzaris Fisheries and Organic Technology Holdings have created a value-driven joint venture, Australian Omega Oils.  Organic Technology Holdings specialises in finding new ways to extract higher value products from organic waste. Oil produced from the Mantzaris squid has around three times the omega 3 content of krill oil. The newly created enterprise is developing local high-quality omega 3 oil for the domestic market from squid processing. The oil extraction process also produces a protein that can be used as an organic fertiliser, with nitrogen levels comparable to other marine fertilisers in the market.

Project Aims

  • Develop exceptional quality products from squid waste, using innovative processes and specialised local facilities.
  • Produce high quality calamari oil for use in the pharmaceutical industry produced from sustainable fisheries in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Find markets for the organic fertiliser, a quality protein by-product of the oil extraction process.

Next Steps

The oil produced is currently sent to Queensland for distilling, however, the company is setting up a distillery of its own at the Mantzaris North Geelong site.  Australian Omega Oils is currently exploring market opportunities for the organic fertiliser.

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