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27th May, 2019

Develop technology for cloud-based farming systems and associated supply chain, including a range of integrated technology solutions that enable whole-of-supply-chain tracking and traceability.

Project Aims

  • Create a world-first traceability platform that tracks inputs such as chemicals and farm merchandise.
  • Using technology as the ‘infrastructure of the future’ deliver high value products for export and domestic markets that meet increasing consumer demands for knowledge, food safety and compliance.
  • Revolutionise how we track and trace our food and fibre inputs and products.

Next Steps

Aglive has protected its intellectual property and worked with a range of partners to develop world-class products. While not looking to government to underwrite the business, founders Paul Ryan and Stewart McConachy believe the current government programs could be less restrictive and provide more investment support in new technologies for farmers.  In the immediate term, the Aglive team will further develop existing technologies and incorporate on-farm telematics, while in the longer term the focus will be on export and adapting the technologies to other industries.

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