provenance wines

Winery, cellar door, restaurant

100 Lower Paper Mills Road, Fyansford

Nine permanent staff, up to 10 casual staff
Marketing Focus
You'd be hard pressed to find another product that reflects its provenance/origin as much as fine wine does. With this in mind, along with a clear awareness of the excellent quality of grapes grown in the great vineyards of south-west Victoria, Provenance Wines was established to carefully craft wines that convey a sense of place. The French call vineyard site influence on flavour "terroir". We think of it in more Australian terms and simply describe it as the impact of "country". For more than two decades we have searched south-west Victoria for the best vineyard country, country that we farm, wine-make from and ultimately showcase.
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about provenance wines

Established in 1997, Provenance Wines is committed to making seriously great quality wine from vineyards of south-west Victoria.

Our winery, cellar door and kitchen are located at Fyansford, in re-purposed heritage listed bluestone buildings above Buckley Falls on the Barwon River.

We value sustainable farming, as practised in our vineyards, and careful wine-making that protects our vineyard’s provenance. We are committed to providing both excellent experience and value to our customers.

From the owners

From vineyard to glass, the aim of Provenance Wines is to be the best possible version of itself. We love what we do and believe in our sustainable approach ... from vineyard to glass.

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