love tea

Producer of organic and fair trade tea

South Geelong

8 people year round
Marketing Focus
is search engine marketing, supported by email database and online brand presence. Annual spend $10000.
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about love tea

Love Tea has experienced 10 x growth during the past five years, so the company is definitely doing something right. The majority of the marketing effort is directed to online sales and branding, with a third of the product sold through a distributor.  Word of mouth, referrals, trade shows and markets only make up 20% of marketing in total, while 30% is on the website alone.

Love Tea was founded by Emma Watson and Damien Amos who wanted to create beautifully crafted teas that were beneficial to health and wellbeing. It was also important that the product supported growing communities and caring for the planet.

In 2012, after rebranding from Love Chai, Emma and Damien’s range of certified organic and fairly traded products grew to 20 different blends. The company has also incorporated a large range of tea accessories into its product offering and supports other Australian producers by providing contract manufacturing and bagging solutions.

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