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Dairy food manufacturer – cultured butter and other cultured dairy products

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3 people 365 days a year
Marketing Focus
is highly targeted and dependent on timing of key events in the region and across the state. Word of mouth and social media support a public relations focused marketing approach.
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about lard ass butter

Established in 2017, Lard Ass Butter is the only butter factory on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Since the closure of King Valley Dairy, it is now the only artisan butter factory in Victoria. This has provided a unique selling point that has created strong media interest and publicity.

More than 50 per cent of sales are generated through word of mouth and referrals. A significant amount (25%) of product is also sold through tastings and sales in the local region and Ballarat and will soon include Melbourne.  Online marketing is limited to Facebook, Instagram and a dedicated website.

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