juice culture

Fresh cold pressed juices

20 Woods Road St Albans Park

4 people in summer 2 people in winter
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is online, with all marketing directed to SEO for website and social media. Annual spend $1200.
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about juice culture

Juice Culture started out producing fresh smoothies made with cold pressed juices and pivoted to cold pressured (HPP pasteurised) cold pressed juice, before settling on the current format of fresh cold pressed juice.  The product is sold to quality cafes and restaurants, gourmet grocery stores and it also sells directly online, mainly to people wanting a complete cleanse pack for 1-3 days.

From the owners

“My name is Antonella Ridgeway and I live on a few acres where we make our juices. My two children married a few years ago, which then allowed me time to devote to this business. I also have a patient husband, which helps behind the scenes.I now have very little time to spend as a fitness instructor but I still manage to teach one class a week at the Splashdown Aquatic Centre.  I came into this business because of the fitness industry, wanting to provide clean nutrition for my personal training clients and bootcamp participants – having established my girls-only bootcamp brand Beyond Bootcamp in 2008.We quietly go about our business and try to produce the best cold pressed juice in Australia.”

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