geelong region olives and mt moriac olives

Olive grove leasing and maintenance


in 2018
2.5 (to 10 people seasonally and according to tree numbers)
Marketing Focus
includes repeat business/referrals and relationship marketing, with some social media and sales through distribution channels. Annual spend minimal.

about geelong region olives and mt moriac olives

Geelong Region Olives evolved from Mt Moriac Olives, which was established in 2000.  The leasing and maintenance services of each company include tree harvesting, harvest logistics, fruit processing, packaging and distribution, sales and marketing.

Mt Moriac Olives has an existing customer base, mostly in the G21 region with a small number in Melbourne. Currently there is very little spent on marketing, but it is anticipated that Geelong Region Olives will spend up to 10% of its income on marketing to build brand awareness and loyalty in the local market. The marketing push for Geelong Region Olives will include potential farm gate sales and participation in trade shows, markets and an increased online presence.

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