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Goat milk and cheese producer

1 Scotchmans Road Bellarine

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about drysdale cheeses

The first commercial goat cheese manufacturer on the Bellarine Peninsula, Drysdale Cheeses concentrates on creating a range of hand made cheeses manufactured from high quality milk from the herd of Saanen goats.

Living on the Bellarine property, the herd of purebred goats are milked daily and fed a diet comprising unimproved pasture, tree cuttings, pasture hay and a homemade ‘goat muesli’. Seaweed meal and salt licks provide extra essential minerals and vitamins.

While not organic-certified, Drysdale Cheeses follows permaculture farming principles and ethical animal treatment. Animals that are heavily pregnant are not milked and newborn kids stay with their mums for those important first few days to enjoy the all-important colostrum. Each doe only kids once every two years for her optimal health.

The milk is transported to the cheese making room at Drysdale where cheesemaking cultures are added to the milk after pasteurisation, for flavour ripening. An enzyme called rennet (only vegetarian rennet is used) is added to coagulate the milk and produce curds and whey.

Drysdale Cheeses are only available locally, at selected restaurants.

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