Introducing the Agri Collective

We are local producers who are equally passionate about quality and what our region offers.

The Agri Collective was created to provide operators with a space to collaborate, connect, develop and market our businesses.

We focus on regional issues, stories, events and opportunities as we share and encourage each other.

Our purpose

We appreciate that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and the purpose of the Agri Collective is beyond simply providing information and facilitating transactions…

We’re helping business owners realise dreams.

We do this by:

  • Providing inspiration
  • Creating a sense of community
  • Nurturing regional pride
  • Sharing business opportunities
  • Empowering business owners
  • Giving our agri-businesses the best opportunity to succeed!

The collective objectives

  • Inspire participation in the agriculture and tourism industries and the Agri Collective community
  • Develop a thriving member base
  • Develop industry capability to operate and grow local businesses
  • Create tangible business opportunities and growth outcomes for niche agribusinesses in the region
  • Raise awareness of the scale of agribusiness in the G21 region and the opportunities that brings
  • Strategically align key stakeholders and councils in the region
  • Develop a proof of concept that may benefit other regions
  • Build on the work of The Agri Collective’s predecessor, the G21 Agribusiness Forum.