our region

The G21 region is home to a huge diversity of agricultural production including grain, beef, lamb, wool, dairy, chicken, pork, as well as aquaculture, viticulture, floriculture and other horticultural products.

Our access to a major seaport, international airport, extensive rail and road infrastructure means we are extremely well serviced and supported by a thriving transport and logistics sector. 

The region also has a mature food processing sector, farm inputs sector, agritourism industry and innovative research, education and services sector.  These ‘post-farmgate’ sectors not only service the regional agricultural production sector, but also the agricultural production sector of a large part of south eastern Australia. We are very lucky!

The diversity of the industry and the breadth and depth of related sectors in our region is critical to our ability to serve the growing population and the expanding visitor economy.

responding to change as a whole

As our regional landscape is changing, so is our industry and the many opportunities and future challenges associated with managing change.

As a collective, we are keen to harness these opportunities, rise to the challenges and facilitate positive growth of our industry. 

Agribusiness is more than just farming – farming is just one step in a supply chain that includes:

  • Agriculture inputs such as agronomists, chemical suppliers, machinery companies and transport, just to name a few
  • Primary production including farming, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries
  • Manufacturing activities that process the primary products. such as abbatoirs, milk factories, wineries, food manufacturers and sawmills
  • Wholesaling for primary and/or processed products, such as grain storage
  • Agri-tourism with our unique rural and coastal landscapes, such as wineries, harvest trails and small scale food producers who contribute to our visitor economy.

industry snapshot

Agribusiness in the G21 region contributes to the community in economic terms, also through employment, lifestyle and tourism.  Some of the figures[1] may surprise…

  • $1.5 billion Average amount contributed to the Gross Regional product
  • 5th largest industry in the region is agriculture
  • 10,643 people Are employed in agriculture in our G21 region
  • 2nd largest regional exporter in the region is agriculture
  • $817 million Total value of agricultural commodities produced in the G21 region in 2016.
  • $1.7 billion Contributed by food and beverage processing to the regional economy
  • $1.5 billion Is generated by tourism in our region with dining the most popular activity.
  • $1.4 billion Valued amount of our regional exports.

[1] Source: G21 Agribusiness Economic Profile, City of Greater Geelong, November 2018. The data updates to G21 Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy 2017-2022 Issues Paper prepared by Dench McLean Carlson May 2017, following release of the ABS 2016 Census of Population and Housing and 2016 Agricultural Census.