Ian Farran


Industry Experience

  • Former lecturer Marcus Oldham College
  • Director The Pastoral Pork Company Pty Ltd,
  • Former MD of TPPC and Western Plains Pork Pty Ltd Quals
  • Prof Bodies: Member American Society Agricultural & Biological Engineers
  • Fellow Institute Engineers Australia
  • Member Australian Society Agricultural Engineers


  • B. Engineering (Agricultural)
  • M. Eng. Sci. Grad Dip Agribusiness
  • Grad Dip Electronic Computing
  • B. Business (Agriculture) Hon.

45 years experience in intensive livestock production, across all agribusiness sectors of the Australian Pork Supply Chain, Environmental Manager of the Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre, member design team that built a methane digester convert pig shit into electricity and Biogrow potting mixtures. Member G21 Agribusiness Forum for many years.